1. It tries to predict the possible trends of global climate change.

    2. It studies the impacts of global climate change on people’s lives.

    3. It links the science of climate change to economic and policy issues.

    4. It focuses on the efforts countries can make to deal with global warming.

    1. It will take a long time before a consensus is reached on its impact.

    2. It would be more costly to deal with its consequences than to avoid it.

    3. It is the most pressing issue confronting all countries.

    4. It is bound to cause endless disputes among nations.

    1. The transition to low-carbon energy systems.

    2. The cooperation among world major powers.

    3. The signing of a global agreement.

    4. The raising of people’s awareness.

    1. Carry out more research on it.

    2. Cut down energy consumption.

    3. Plan well in advance.

    4. Adopt new technology.



    1. When luck plays a role.

    2. What determines success.

    3. Whether practice makes perfect.

    4. How important natural talent is.

    1. It knocks at your door only once in a while.

    2. It is something that no one can possibly create.

    3. It comes naturally out of one’s self-confidence.

    4. It means being good at seizing opportunities.

    1. Luck rarely contributes to a person’s success.

    2. One must have natural talent to be successful.

    3. One should always be ready to seize opportunities.

    4. Practice is essential to becoming good at something.

    1. Putting time and effort into fun things is profitable.

    2. People who love what they do care little about money.

    3. Being passionate about work can make one wealthy.

    4. People in need of money work hard automatically.


    1. The stump of a giant tree.

    2. A huge piece of rock.

    3. The peak of a mountain.

    4. A tall chimney.

    1. Human activity.

    2. Wind and water.

    3. Chemical processes.

    4. Fire and fury.

    1. It is a historical monument.

    2. It was built in ancient times.

    3. It is Indians’ sacred place for worship.

    4. It was created by supernatural powers.

    1. By sheltering them in a cave.

    2. By killing the attacking bears.

    3. By lifting them well above the ground.

    4. By taking them to the top of a mountain.


    1. They will buy something from the convenience stores.

    2. They will take advantage of the time to rest a while.

    3. They will have their vehicles washed or serviced.

    4. They will pick up some souvenirs or gift items.

    1. They can bring only temporary pleasures.

    2. They are meant for the extremely wealthy.

    3. They should be done away with altogether.

    4. They may eventually drive one to bankruptcy.

    1. A good way to socialize is to have daily lunch with one’s colleagues.

    2. Retirement savings should come first in one’s family budgeting.

    3. A vacation will be affordable if one saves 20 dollars a week.

    4. Small daily savings can make a big difference in one’s life.


    1. They should be done away with.

    2. They are necessary in our lives.

    3. They enrich our experience.

    4. They are harmful to health.

    1. They feel stressed out even without any challenges in life.

    2. They feel too overwhelmed to deal with life’s problems.

    3. They are anxious to free themselves from life’s troubles.

    4. They are exhausted even without doing any heavy work.

    1. They expand our mind.

    2. They prolong our lives.

    3. They narrow our focus.

    4. They lessen our burdens


    1. It is not easily breakable.

    2. It came from a 3D printer.

    3. It represents the latest style.

    4. It was made by a fashion designer.

    1. When she had just graduated from her college.

    2. When she attended a conference in New York.

    3. When she was studying at a fashion design school.

    4. When she attended a fashion show nine months ago.

    1. It was difficult to print.

    2. It was hard to come by.

    3. It was hard and breakable.

    4. It was extremely expensive.

    1. It is the latest model of a 3D printer.

    2. It is a plastic widely used in 3D printing.

    3. It gives fashion designers room for imagination.

    4. It marks a breakthrough in printing material.


    1. They arise from the advances in technology.

    2. They have not been examined in detail so far.

    3. They are easy to solve with modern technology.

    4. They can’t be solved without government support.

    1. It is attractive to entrepreneurs.

    2. It demands huge investment.

    3. It focuses on new products.

    4. It is intensely competitive.

    1. Cooperation with big companies.

    2. Recruiting more qualified staff.

    3. In-service training of IT personnel.

    4. Sharing of costs with each other.


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